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Rachel Fine
Own My Own
Music by Timothy Schletter
Lyrics by Rachel Fine

Hey you, Mr. Dreadlocks
With your broken promises
But I never found anyone with similar depravities
Thank you for all the palpitations

And you, the little complicated one
With your frequent manipulations
But when I close my eyes I can feel you sleeping on my chest
Thank you for telling me the truth

Own my own
Own my own
Asked and I received
Own my own (I own my own)
You can grow or you can grieve
And you, Mr. Marvel
With your unsupportive heart
But I asked for convenience and it came around the block, you see
Thank you for my freedom when you left

Now you, Mr. Fighter
With your tough exterior
But I'm learning to let go and let myself be taken care of
Thank you for opening my eyes

Own my own (I own my own)
I asked and I received
Own my own (I own my own)
You can grow or you can grieve
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Rachel Fine - Own Your Own

Own Your Own

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